Delivery of Ship 5801

Doing Touch and Go's in Ship 5802

Northwest Airlines Simulators



XC to BQK in R22

Trip to Blairsville Georgia from Jacksonville Feb 2009

Trip to Hilliard and Back in R22 Feb 2009

Jekyll Island GA April 2009

Fort Lauderdale Dive Trip May 2009

Aerial Tour of Jacksonville June 2009

Flight To Blairsville July 2009

Trip To Cape Hatteras August 2009

Trip To Block Island September 2009

Koopman House Garden September 2009

Trip to Great Exuma Oct 2009

R44 Ferry Flight March 2010

Dive Trip to San Salvador, Bahamas, Oct 2010

Trip to Maine Nov 2010

Trip to Virginia Nov 2010

First Flight Of N222RW

Sunset in Williston FL

Aerial Pics of the last launch of Space Shuttle Discovery

Live Oak CDE March 2011

KCRG to KJYO May 2011 Sunset

Dive Trip to Bimini July 2011

Dive Trip to Bimini August 2011

Dive Trip to San Salvador, Bahamas, Oct 2011

Live Oak CDE, March 2012

Black Prong HDT, March 2013

Live Oak CDE, March 2013

Diving in Bimini, May 2013

Diving on the Spiegel Grove, Key Largo Florida, May 2013

Diving at Cat Island, Bahamas, June 2013

Block Island, September 2013

Diving in San Salvador, Bahamas, October 2013

LJ Fleet

Paradise Springs, Cavern Class, Jan 2015

Peacock Springs & Jug Spring, Feb 2015

Ginnie & Paradise Springs, Cave & Deco Class, March 2015

Abacos Bahamas, May 2016

Aruba , September 2018

Miscellaneous Pictures

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